With Friends Like These…

An open letter to the American press currently going guano over another Tweet from 45. Specifically to Jason Pohl’s column and the Coloradoan.

POTUS 45 has some issues with communication. There’s no arguing this reality. However, the Shakespearean drama offered by the nation’s local press in response to a tweet clearly intended to attack half a dozen national press entities is nonsensical at best. Willing victimhood seems more accurate. Victims, you are not.

I graduated from CSU in 2012 with degrees in Journalism and Sociology. I was on The Collegian staff with multiple Coloradoan reporters and editors. I know them to be honest, I do not know most of them to be objective when it comes to politics.

It’s nearly impossible to remain so in this climate of breathless coverage and hyperbolic reactions, so I don’t hold it against most journalists if some bias creeps into their editorials and writing.

But when 45 tweeted the other day, “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!,” it seems every reporter in every enclave and every market of the US decided this was offensive to them and they needed to respond in kind.

Jason Pohl wrote an impassioned, yet mostly unnecessary, response column, detailing the importance of local journalism here in northern Colorado. He obviously took umbrage as he believed he was a part of the target. I really don’t think 45 had local journalists, or even former Coloradoan reporters now on the national stage like Trevor Hughes in mind when he named five entities. None of which employ either Jason or Trevor.

What Jason and most of the press responding to this didn’t mention, was the fact POTUS 44 authorized the assassination of three American citizens without trial, charge or counsel without much in the way of effective reporting from the national political press.

He didn’t go into detail about the abject failure of the same press currently spinning tires and knocking old ladies out of the way to report on every whisper by an anonymous source regarding ties between Russia and this administration (no evidence has been provided).

I find it really odd the local press is taking such offense to a troll targeting the NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. These are all entities culpable for the US going into Iraq. The NYT in particular has no leg to stand on regarding their ethics, they’ve acted as a rubberstamp for two administrations in a row that I know of, it probably goes back further.

I’m not a supporter of 45, didn’t vote for him, didn’t vote for his duopoly opponent. But if the American press is to continue this nonsensical discovery of adversarial journalism as if 45 is already rounding up the LGBT (first POTUS to take office already supporting same sex marriage), Muslim (broad strokes are good for no one) and immigrant (I would think the precedent “Illegal” would carry more weight for journalists who supposedly value language) populations to imprison, very little good is going to come of any of this.

The political press, in fact the entire press, of this nation leans 45 degrees to the left, if not horizontal. There’s no denying that. But they became culpable for his election when they saturated the news channels with coverage of his campaign during the primaries when the DNC was more concerned about Rand Paul.

They made the decision to abandon ethical journalism and chose not to report on tyrannical behaviors from 44 (including tapping the communications of American journalists, talk about tyrannical) that were in no way limited to killing Americans, destabilizing two nations, eavesdropping on the world and signing into law the authority of the executive to authorize the kidnapping, transport and indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, charge or counsel.

Are you an enemy of the people if you’re in the press? Probably not. But you’ve certainly been no friends of objective or ethical reporting, there’s been little, if any, adversarial journalism towards Democrats in my lifetime.

You want to be treated like Woodward and Bernstein? Try acting like it. They had a source on the record. The American intelligence apparatus, which was actively pushing for a proxy war with Russia, is providing anonymous, unsubstantiated leaks to the press, and the press is violating several of their own code of ethics to report on them.

You’re no friend to the American public when you conduct yourself as the American political press has for the last several decades. The industry is in a crisis. We know. But sensationalizing and manufacturing drama isn’t going to fix it.

You want the trust of the American public but you don’t want to change your behavior. That’s like being an anti-war supporter of Hillary Clinton. You can’t have both.