Rand Paul’s Pyrrhic Victory and Michael Morell’s Faux Martyrdom

Sen. Rand Paul, much like his father, has proven to be consistent on the issues regardless of which party is in power. This week witnessed Paul refusing to leave the Senate floor unless the chamber agreed to vote on the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Military Force (AUMF).

What’s bothersome about this incident isn’t as much the eventual result (both parties voted to kill the amendment), as much as it was the celebration when he achieved his expressed goal, forcing Congress to put their votes and names behind the AUMFs.

At some point, this country completely surrendered their principles and espoused love for the Constitution and just told DC to do whatever the hell they want when they’re in power as long as there aren’t any terror attacks.

We have jettisoned any devotion we may have once had for the enumerated powers and simply sit idly by as the remnants of the greatest Constitution in human history is torn asunder by special interests and corrupt morons who were apparently elected completely based on their inability to think long-term.

In the meantime, Harvard made Chelsea Manning a fellow and that apparently triggered former CIA head Michael Morell into resigning as a Harvard fellow due to his belief, “…he couldn’t be part of an organization ‘that honors convicted felon and leaker of classified information.'”

Ummm … hey Mikey … you folks have been leaking information since your inception. The irony of course, is the CIA was intended to counter the KGB. And they have, in much the same way the Democrats and Republicans have countered Orwell’s Party, by emulating them at every opportunity.

Things are not going to improve in this country politically folks. It’s not going to happen. The deep state is far too invested in perpetual war, the press has lost any ability to inform the public as to how deep the rabbit hole has become and those elected to protect and defend the Constitution are dead set against its existence unless it’s politically expedient.

In the meantime, all manner of malfeasance emanates from the swamp as Medicare for all likely will receive the support of 45 so he can laud himself publicly.