What’s This?

I’m Seth Stern, you may know me as a Grand County, specifically Granby, native and business owner. What you likely do not know is I wrote opinion content for the Rocky Mountain Collegian from 2008-2012 while attending the Journalism, Sociology and Political Science colleges at Colorado State University and I did pretty well in starting conversations. S. Jacob Stern

I talked to the good folks over at the Sky-Hi News about writing content for their opinion section, but as luck would have it, there isn’t much interest at present.

So what I intend Notify Grand County to be is a place for me to share my thoughts and observations on the goings-on of Grand County and evaluate whether there’s enough traffic to make a push for content space in the actual paper or on their website. Time will tell.

I will be sourcing my content directly from you folks who live up there, I will abide by the Code of Ethics for professional journalists, but as I’m not affiliated with a formal journalistic entity at present, I won’t be publishing the actual names of my sources unless they’ve given me the go-ahead.

This means if you have a story or information you think should be put out there, hit me up at sjacobstern@gmail.com and we’ll talk about whatever you need. I’ll be writing about government, politics, business practices, community concerns and anything that’s above local rumor-mill and below jurisprudence.

Looking forward to providing the unique (bizarrely) perspective of a native. Talk soon.